Total Assets
We manage $1.7 billion across separate accounts, mutual funds, private funds, and collective investment trusts for our global client base as of June 30, 2024.
Founded In
Independent since 2014, our firm today represents an ongoing evolution of a team of like-minded investors with complementary skill sets who have forged a successful investment management practice on a foundation of resilience.
History for Team and Strategy
Our philosophy and process have been tested over the course of multiple major market crises and challenges to global economies. We search for disruption that drives opportunity and growth.
Attributes Define How our Team Works
Our mission is to deliver superior long-term risk adjusted returns for clients. We rely on four defining attributes of our team to execute:
Our unifying investment philosophy
Our unwavering work ethic
Our collaborative culture
Our commitment to our clients

The name of our firm acknowledges San Francisco’s oldest commercial center as a key gateway for sailors, prospectors and entrepreneurs who sought their fortune here during the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s. The charming Jackson Square neighborhood also auspiciously survived the great earthquake and fire of 1906 that destroyed much of the city.

Opportunity and resilience are the dual attributes we actively seek in the holdings for our investment portfolios.

Employee Ownership

Our firm is majority owned by our employees and our partners invest alongside clients in our strategies—which creates clear alignment with the best interests of our clients.
Our clients, a global and diversified set of institutional investors and consultants, see us as partners in pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted returns. We are dedicated to their success.

From our office in San Francisco, we engage in a worldview that envisions equity investing as a gateway to global opportunities to construct differentiated portfolios.


Genesis of the team that would become Jackson Square Partners arose at Transamerica
Formed Transamerica Investment Management
Joined Delaware Investments and operated autonomously within its boutique structure
Delaware Investments bought by Macquarie Group
May 2014
Founded Jackson Square Partners
September 2016
Launched mutual funds
November 2020
With Affiliated Managers Group, purchased minority equity interest from Macquarie Group
One team, one philosophy, one mission. Employee owned and controlled.

Our Culture

The culture of our firm is characterized by a collaborative environment in which every individual has a voice that is valued by all. The free sharing of ideas is the norm and open constructive debate is expected. With our flat structure, team-based portfolio management is encouraged and rewarded.

We believe that our impressive personnel retention proves the sustainability of the Jackson Square culture.

Our mission is to achieve superior long-term risk-adjusted returns for our clients.


Jackson Square supports discourse on interesting and relevant research and analysis across a wide range of subjects.

The Commonwealth Club
Where differing perspectives converge to discuss issues of public and civic concern

The Long Now Foundation
Fostering long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years

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